Advanced Cutting Technology
from Turkey to Entire World

Fifagrup Makina today; with its over 35 years’ experience and knowledge and with its experienced personnel who produces metal cutting machines; exports to over 40 countries on 5 continents. Fifagrup became one of the top establishments that the world demands in a short time thanks to the importance it gives to production and aftersales service quality and thanks to the determination overcomes the difficulties.

Fifagrup Machinery Products;

• Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines
• Cnc Oxy-fuel Cutting Machines
• Cnc Drilling Machines; Magazine, manuel and Single Type
• Cnc Plasma Pipe and Profile Cutting Machines.
• Filtration Systems

Special Products;

• Cnc Plasma Cutting machines with automatic Bevel System
• Combo Drill+Plasma Cutting Machines
• 2 in 1 Plasma+OxyFuel Cutting Machines